Squirrels In The Wall In Bartlett TN

Are Squirrels In The Wall Of Your Home?

Upon occasion a squirrel will fall through a hole or crevice and become stuck and now you have a squirrel in the wall in Bartlett TN.  It is important to note whether the noise is stationary or mobile. If sound is coming from one primary spot then the animal may have become stuck. If it is stuck then it is very important for you to let us know before the animal dies from hunger or dehydration. A stuck animal can perish in as little as two days.

What Happens If The Squirrels In The Wall Die?

An animal that dies inside a wall can be very difficult to locate. You basically follow the smell alone. This may necessitate opening up walls in multiple locations. Our technician will drill a small hole in the wall and pass a boroscope through the hole in an effort to locate the animal. This is done to negate damages to your walls.

Our technicians also goes in the attic to determine if he can locate where the smell is the strongest. This can further assist in locating the main area where the odor is coming from.


Removal Trapping And Exclusion Process For Squirrels In The Wall

The best solution to prevent squirrels in the wall in Bartlett TN is to have your home completely sealed. If a squirrel is able to can get in a wall then it will. Your home needs to be fortified as much as possible. During the inspection process, the wildlife technician will locate all the potential and actual points of entry. The technician will photograph the damages he finds during the inspection. Once the inspection is completed the technician will discuss his findings with you and provide you with a detailed quote for the repairs that need to be performed. You can choose to have Apex Wildlife Control perform the exclusion work, do it yourself, or hire another contractor. It’s all up to you!

For the exclusion process your home is completely sealed with the exception of the primary point of entry. That one entry point is left unsealed, and an excluder trap is installed over this access point. This process allows the squirrel the ability to leave the home but not to get back inside. This typically allows us the ability solve the squirrel issue within a few short days. We guarantee the removal of all the animals utilizing this method.

For live trapping only we set live cage traps outside the home but offer no guarantee that the squirrels will go in the traps. If they are trap shy, the squirrels may see the bait and want the bait, but they will not go inside the trap.

Squirrel Habitat Modification

Squirrels recognize when something is new or different about their habitat. They may be suspicious because in the past they have been caught or almost caught in a trap. They may recognize the potential danger and wish to avoid it. We always ask customers if they have attempted to trap the squirrels themselves or used another company to trap them. If so then squirrels in the wall in Bartlett TN may be difficult to trap.

Outside Trapping Of Squirrels

For outside trapping, the traps are placed in a visible locations to enable you to visibly check to see if an animal has been trapped. We check the traps every other day, but we do ask our clients call us right away if they find an animal is in a trap before the next scheduled trap check. We will come out the same day you notify us to rebait the trap, and relocate and release the animal twenty-miles or more from your property so they are unable to find their way back to your home.

So, if you have squirrels in the wall in Bartlett TN, give the wildlife professionals at Apex Wildlife Control a call at (901) 598-8555. Our main goal is to perform our services as humanely and efficiently as possible. We want to ensure that the animals are taken care of and out of harm’s way. We also want our customers to be satisfied with our services and so happy that their wildlife problems have been removed and warranted from return that they recommend us to all of their friends and relatives. Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!

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