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Squirrels In Your Air Ducts In Arlington TN

Humane Squirrel Trapping In Arlington TN - How Did Squirrels Get In?

Squirrels can sometimes find their way into your home in Arlington, TN, by chewing through various entry points. They are quite crafty critters. One common way they get in is by gnawing through the sides of your home. They might chew on wooden siding, soffits, or even insulation to create openings. These openings allow them to access the space between your walls.

Your roof can also be vulnerable to squirrel intrusions. Squirrels have strong teeth and can chew through shingles, roof vents, or even weak spots in your roof. Once they make a hole, they can easily enter your attic space.

Once inside your attic, they may not stop there. Squirrels can move through your attic and, in some cases, find their way into air ducts. From there, they can travel throughout your home, potentially causing extensive damage.

Get Rid Of Squirrels In Arlington TN - Expensive HVAC Repairs!

When squirrels chew their way into your home’s air ducts in Arlington, TN, it can lead to some costly HVAC system repairs. These rodents can cause significant damage in a couple of ways.

Their chewing can create holes or tears in the ductwork. This damages the ducts’ integrity and can result in heated or cooled air escaping into the walls or attic instead of being directed into your rooms. As a result, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain your desired temperature, leading to increased energy bills.

Squirrels can carry debris and nesting materials into the air ducts. This can clog the system, reducing airflow and making your HVAC less efficient. Restricted airflow can strain the system’s components, causing them to wear out faster and requiring expensive repairs or replacements.

Squirrel Control In Arlington TN - Hazardous To Your Health!

It’s important for homeowners in Arlington, TN to understand that when squirrels invade your air ducts and leave behind urine and feces, it can create health risks to your family. Squirrel waste contains bacteria, viruses, and even parasites that can become airborne when your HVAC system circulates air.

Inhaling these contaminants can lead to respiratory problems, especially for individuals with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems. The tiny particles from urine and feces can irritate the lungs, causing coughing, sneezing, and even more severe issues like bronchitis or pneumonia.

The odor from squirrel waste can overwhelm your home, causing discomfort and affecting indoor air quality. This can lead to headaches, nausea, and general discomfort.  So, if you have squirrels in your air ducts, call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We are here to help! 

DIY Squirrel Removal In Arlington TN - Help Is On The Way!

Just because Arlington TN is full of squirrels, doesn’t mean you need them in your house!
If you have had enough of these cute but invasive little creatures invading your home and causing expensive damage, then call Apex Wildlife Control today!  Our friendly office staff will help you book an appointment with one of our experienced wildlife technicians.  We will inspect  your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the squirrels are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating those pesky little squirrels back to the woods where they can live their best squirrel life.
We are here to help with your squirrel problems!  Call today!

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