Squirrels In Your Air Ducts In Germantown TN

Have you seen damage from squirrels in your air ducts in Germantown TN? We specialize in removing the squirrels in your air ducts. During the warmer summer months, squirrels will mostly stay outside in the fresh air and will nest in trees. Attics are much hotter, so squirrels like to stay in the breeze.

However, once the weather starts to change, squirrels will seek a warmer environment. Squirrels will crawl through any open, or easily accessible area to get into your air ducts. Squirrels can chew through many different areas to gain access to an attic. Once inside it’s relatively easy for a squirrel to chew into your air ducts.

Why Having Squirrels In Your Air Ducts In Germantown TN Can Be Dangerous

Having squirrels in your air ducts can be a problem for many reasons. First, the nesting material they use is very flammable. This can potentially lead to a fire in your home. Squirrels’ teeth constantly grow, so they chew on different things to regulate the size of their teeth. This includes your electrical wires. If this were to create a spark, then a house fire is very possible.

Second, you may also start to have a foul odor in your home from the squirrels fecal droppings. The ventilation system can send the scent of urine and fecal throughout your entire home. If you notice that your family is not feeling well, or has any odd symptoms, go to a doctor. Let them know there is the potential of a respiratory infection from wildlife.

Other Problems When You Have Squirrels In Your Air Ducts

Squirrels can be very loud animals. You may hear jumping around, skittering across your ceiling, chewing, gnawing, or squeaks coming from your walls or attic. The sounds will be amplified if they are in your duct-work. If the sound is stationary for a long period of time, the animal could be stuck.

What Happens When A Squirrel Gets Stuck In Your Air Ducts?

When we receive a call indicating an animal may be stuck, time is of the essence. Once an animal is stuck, it can dehydrate quickly from over exertion. It’s much easier to find an animal making noise than to try to detect it by smell once its died.

A live squirrel will be scratching and clawing frantically looking for a way to get out. This can happen if they accidentally fall into a wall crevice. It can also happen if a juvenile squirrel has gotten lost from its nest. The technician will need to use a drill and boroscope to locate the squirrel. If they can see it, and get to it, they will cut a hole large enough to capture the animal. We can either use a catch-pole or a net depending on the circumstance. The customer is responsible for repairing the wall once the animal is removed. Apex Wildlife Control does not do carpentry work.

Dead Animal Removal And Deodorization

Boroscope Camera

Apex Wildlife Control offers a dead animal removal and deodorization service. If an animal has perished in your duct-work you will start to smell a strong odor that can last weeks. With the animal being in the duct-work the smell will not be centralized, but spread throughout the home. When this happens, it can be very hard to find where the animal is located. This is why we always urge people to call in as soon as they think an animal may be stuck in your walls or duct-work.

Retrieving an animal out of duct-work can be very difficult, especially if it is in a hard to reach area. Once we’ve located the animal, we will do our very best to get it out of your home. If the animal is inaccessible the duct-work may have to be replaced.

Interior And Exterior Inspections For Squirrels

Apex Wildlife Control performs interior and exterior squirrel inspections. Our technicians go into your attic and look for fecal droppings to verify the species. Then they will check for chewed wires, damage to your duct-work, or HVAC, as well as other signs of wildlife. Following the interior inspection we perform a full exterior inspection. This inspections consists of locating all potential points of entry. This inspection begins at the foundation of your home and extends to your rooftop.

Once the inspection is complete, we will report our findings to you, complete with pictures. You will receive a quote that explains necessary sealing and trapping options. The pictures provided will detail actual and potential points of entry.

Apex Warranty And Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control provides a one year warranty on all exclusion work we perform. We also provide a Double Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the quality of work on a particular item, we’ll redo the item in question for free. If you’re still unhappy, we will issue you a refund for that portion. We will also pay a competitor of your choice to redo the area.

So if you have squirrels in your air ducts in Germantown TN, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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