Squirrels In Your Crawlspace In Bartlett TN

Do you have squirrels in your crawlspace in Bartlett, TN?

Have you noticed holes around the foundation of your home and hear the sound of scratching coming from beneath the floor during the day or night? These are indications that you might have a squirrel in your crawlspace. If you have squirrels in the crawlspace of your home contact the wildlife professionals at Apex Wildlife Control, and let us help you!

Ways Squirrels Access The Crawlspace Of Your Home

Squirrels often chew through wooden doors that provide access to the crawlspace of a home. They will also use ground vents as well. Actually, there are many different ways that squirrels are able to access the crawlspace of your home.

Why Do Squirrels Go In Your Crawlspace?

Why do squirrels go under a home? Some squirrels prefer to nest under a home because it is cooler than an attic in the summer. Squirrels will also use this area to store food for easy access during the winter. The space is also a place for the squirrels to hide from other animals. Rats are another wildlife species known to go under homes and can be found in crawl spaces.

Concerns With Squirrels In Your Crawlspace in Bartlett TN

There are a few main concerns to consider if you find you have squirrels and rats in your crawlspace. Water and sewage lines are exposed under a house as well as various pipes that lead to all areas of your home. If a pipe is plastic or a weaker material then squirrels and rats can chew through the piping. You can have serious, costly water or sewage leakage problems if rodents start or manage to chew through the piping. You should also be concerned about mold which is a health concern for you, your family, and pets. Eliminating mold is an additional, costly expense..

Small leaks can be easily missed, but for the time it goes unnoticed there is a constant flow of moisture going under your home. If the moisture reaches the wood that supports your home then the wood can rot. Foundation issues are very costly and time consuming to repair.


Squirrels Love Chewing On Wires

Electrical lines can be located above homes and in the crawl space below homes. Because squirrels and rats chew constantly, if they manage to get under your home they can cause a great deal of damage chewing on electrical wiring. Damaged wires have the potential to cause fires or create power outage issues in your home. Power could short out or totally stop working, and the squirrels will be electrocuted. These types of situations can lead to your home being destroyed or, more importantly, the loss of life. If our technician finds any damage to electrical wires the damage will be photographed and the issue discussed with the homeowner. An electrician will need to be contacted and scheduled to repair or replace the damaged wiring.

Things You Can Do To Deter Squirrels In Your Crawlspace in Bartlett TN

There are some measures you can take yourself that deter squirrels and other wildlife animals:

Trim bushes away from the foundation of your home
Trim tree limbs away from the roof of your home
Contain garbage and food in heavy duty, secure trashcans
Remove brush piles where rodents hide

Doing these things helps remove or lessen the attraction of your home for wildlife animals.

When There Are Just Too Many Squirrels

Whenever there is an overabundance of wildlife in a given area the animals will still search for a safe place to hide from predators and other animals. In a case such as this it is best to reduce the animal population through trapping.

The wildlife technicians at Apex Wildlife Control are successful trappers! They place several traps around where the most activity has been seen or heard. The trapping process takes place over 7 days. Once the traps are baited and set our technician returns every other day (every 36 hours as required by law) to release and relocate squirrels that are caught. The traps are then re-baited, reset, and checked again in 36 hours.

Apex Wildlife Control will recommend and perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home if you think you have squirrels residing in your home or crawlspace. For the exterior inspection the technician looks around the perimeter of your home from the foundation to the roof line for all possible and actual entry points and take pictures along the way. The interior inspection is from the crawl space to the attic. Upon completion of the inspection the technician will review the photographs of the damage he finds and provide you with a detailed quote of the price to seal your home and trap the animals.

So, if you have squirrels in your crawlspace in Bartlett TN, call Apex Wildlife Control at (901) 598-8555 if you would like to schedule an appointment for an inspection, trapping services, or if you have any questions about any of our services. We are here for your wildlife problems.

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