Squirrels In Your Crawlspace In Eads TN

Do you have squirrels in your crawlspace? Have you been hearing scratching under your feet during the day or night time? If you’ve noticed holes around your foundation, this is an indication that you may have a squirrel in your crawlspace. If you have squirrels in the crawlspace of your home we can help.

Ways Squirrels Access The Crawlspace Of Your Home

Squirrels often chew through the wooden doors that lead into the crawlspace. There are many ways you could have squirrels in your crawlspace. In addition, they also use ground vents to gain access to these areas. 

Why Do Squirrels Go In Your Crawlspace?

Squirrels go under your home for several reasons. Some squirrels nest under a home because it is cooler than an attic during the summer. They want to raise their young in a comfortable, quiet, and safe place. Squirrels will also use this area to store caches of food reserved.  They will store food for the winter, and hide it so other animals can’t reach or find it. Rats are also known to be under homes and in crawl spaces. This area can be a perfect place to store food that allows for easy access.

Concerns With Squirrels In Your Crawlspace in Eads TN

Squirrels Love Chewing On Wires

Things You Can Do To Deter Squirrels In Your Crawlspace in Eads TN

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