Squirrels In Your Crawl Space In Germantown TN

Do you have squirrels in your crawl space in Germantown TN? Have you been hearing scratching under your feet during the day or night time? If you’ve noticed holes around your foundation, this is an indication that you may have a squirrel in your crawlspace. If you have squirrels in the crawlspace of your home we can help.

Ways Squirrels Access The Crawlspace Of Your Home

Squirrels often chew through the wooden doors that lead into the crawlspace. There are many ways you could have squirrels in your crawlspace. In addition, they also use ground vents to gain access to these areas.

Why Do Squirrels Go In Your Crawl Space?

Squirrels go under your home for several reasons. Some squirrels nest under a home because it is cooler than an attic during the summer. They want to raise their young in a comfortable, quiet, and safe place. Squirrels will also use this area to store caches of food reserved. They will store food for the winter, and hide it so other animals can’t reach or find it. Rats are also known to be under homes and in crawl spaces. This area can be a perfect place to store food that allows for easy access.

Concerns With Squirrels In Your Crawl Space in Germantown TN

There are a few primary concerns as it relates to squirrels and rats in your crawlspace. In your crawl space, there are various pipes that lead to all areas of your home. Water and sewage lines are exposed under the homes. Squirrels and rats can chew through the piping if it is plastic or a weaker material. If they do start to chew through the piping you can have serious water or sewage leakage problems.

Small leaks are easily missed and this means you have a constant flow of moisture under your home. The moisture can get to the wood that supports your home and rot it. Foundation issues can be very costly and time consuming to fix.

In addition, you also need to be concerned about mold. In addition to additional home expenses for repair, you could rack up large medical bills due to illness.

Squirrels Love Chewing On Wires

Electrical lines can be found above homes, as well as in crawl spaces. If a squirrel or rat can get under your home, they can cause extensive wire damage. Once they have chewed through the wires it can create power outage issues in your home. The power could short out or stop working altogether. Sometimes the squirrels will be electrocuted. This can lead to potential fires under your home. This type of situation can lead to the destruction of your home, but more importantly loss of life.

If any of these dangerous situations happen it can be deadly and very costly in the end. An electrician would need to be called to come out if we notice wire damage.

Things You Can Do To Deter Squirrels In Your Crawl Space

It is important that you take some measures to deter the animals.

  • Trim your bushes
  • Keep garbage and food in heavy duty, secure trashcans
  • Remove brush piles

Doing these things can help lessen the attraction of your home to wildlife.

When There Are Just Too Many Squirrels

Sometimes there is an overabundance of wildlife in the area. No matter what measures you take, they will still need to find a safe area to stay away from predators. In these cases, we need to reduce the population by trapping. We place several traps around your property where the most activity is seen or heard.

Once the traps are set out we bait and trap the squirrels for 7 days. We come back to the property every other day to relocate the squirrels and re-bait the traps.

Apex Wildlife Control is here to help you if any of these situations. As soon as you realize you may have animals in your crawl space, give us a call. We will schedule an inspection. The technician will inspect your home and point out any signs of damage. If there are signs of chewed wiring or pipe damage, they will let you know this as well.

After the interior inspection, they will perform the exterior inspection. They go around your property and look for all possible and actual entry points. We will take pictures and document any potential or actual points of entry. You will also receive a quote on the price to seal your home and trap the animals. So if you think you may have squirrels in your crawl space in Germantown TN, give us a call today!

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