Squirrels In Your Drop Tile Ceiling In Collierville TN

Do you have squirrels in your drop tile ceiling in Collierville TN? We specialize in the removal of squirrels in the drop-tile ceiling of homes and businesses. It is common in many commercial buildings to have drop-tile ceilings. This creates a space that squirrels can easily maneuver through if they have found a way inside. 

Squirrel Mating Season And Reproduction Rates

Squirrels will often gain entrance into the building when they are preparing to nest. The mating season is around December to February and also around June. Once they have mated, they look for a safe, warm and quiet place to raise their young. The gestation period for a pregnant squirrel is around 44 days. On average, they can birth a litter of two to four squirrels.

Once the baby squirrels are born, they stay with their mom for up to ten weeks before they are weaned. She will go out during the day to eat and gather food. At night she will stay with her babies to protect and care for them. Once her young are weaned, she will lead them outside and teach them to forage for food. 

Fecal And Urine Damage Caused By Squirrels In Your Drop Tile Ceiling

When there is more than one squirrel, there will be a lot of fecal and urine damage to your insulation. This is a concern, especially with bacteria. If the squirrel’s nest in your drop-tile ceiling is close to your ventilation system, it can filter the fecal particles through the air. This can be harmful and make you sick. If there is heavy urine contamination, it can create mold. Mold is very toxic if breathed in.

Squirrels can carry a lot of diseases. If you unknowingly touch an area where a squirrel has urinated, you can transfer the disease to yourself and others. This will happen by touching surfaces or handling food without washing your hands.

Why Squirrels Chew On Electrical Wires

It is important to have your electrical wires checked if you suspect a squirrel is in your drop-tile ceiling. Squirrels are known to chew through just about anything and that includes electrical wires. A squirrel’s teeth never stop growing. Squirrels constantly chew to regulate the size of their teeth. If a squirrel lets its teeth grow too long, it will not be able to eat properly.

How To Remove Squirrels In Your Drop Tile Ceiling in Collierville TN

There are ways to keep squirrels away and create natural deterrents. Cutting tree limbs that are hanging close to the building is a big help. Squirrels use tree limbs like we use interstates. They can still get on your roof even if you cut the limbs, but it will require more work. A squirrel can actually climb right up the side of your building if it wants to. The object is to make your roof inconvenient to access. Trim any bushes near your building so the walls and vents are more exposed. This will help you see if any squirrels have been chewing or trying to get inside. Remove any easy access to food or garbage. Squirrels will get into bird feeders if they can, so taking away that source of food will help.

Squirrel Removal And Trapping

Sometimes there are just too many squirrels in the area and the population needs to be controlled. If there is an overabundance of any certain species, it starts to create problems for homeowners and businesses. As squirrel populations increase, the need for shelter becomes greater. This makes your commercial building or home much more appealing. 

Before it reaches that point, one way we handle this is our outside trapping services. If you have seen chew marks and notice signs of squirrels, it is best to take care of it. 

Relocating Squirrels In Your Drop Tile Ceiling

We offer an outside trapping service that lasts for seven days. During this time we leave live cage traps on your property. Any squirrels caught during this time period are relocated approximately 25 miles away. This helps to reduce the population and reduces the likelihood of future problems. Hopefully, this will help reduce the population and the squirrels will leave your building alone.

If You Hear Noises 

If you hear noises above your head and in the walls, it is past time to call a professional. Apex Wildlife is here to help with any squirrel problems you may be experiencing. When you call, we will send a technician to your property to do a thorough interior and exterior inspection.

Squirrel Inspection

During the interior inspection, we look for fecal droppings, chewed wires and damage to your insulation. We look for damage to your HVAC as well. We document and take pictures of our findings during this time. Afterward, we perform the exterior inspection. This inspection begins at the foundation of your building and goes to your roof. We are looking for all possible and actual entry points. The technician will take pictures of all of his findings and show you how the squirrels are getting in and out. We will provide you a quote to trap the squirrels and completely seal your building. When we trap and completely seal your property, we provide a one-year warranty and DOUBLE MONEY-BACK guarantee as well. 

Warranty And Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife control believes in putting our customers first and providing the best service we can. We offer something no other wildlife company does. Apex Wildlife Control gives a one-year guarantee on all of our exclusion services, as well as a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK Guarantee! This guarantee states that if you are not happy with the quality of the exclusion service performed, we will redo the item in question for free. If you are still not satisfied, we will issue a refund for that item and pay a competitor of your choice to fix the issue. 

So if you have squirrels in your drop tile ceiling in Collierville TN, contact Apex Wildlife Control today. We are happy to help!

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