Squirrels In Your Gutters In Arlington TN

Problems Caused By Squirrels In Your Gutters in Arlington TN

Preventative Measures

First, we send one of our technicians to do an interior and exterior inspection of your home. During the interior inspection, he will check for fecal droppings in your attic to determine which species is in your home. The droppings will specifically identify if squirrels have found their way inside your home. He will check to make sure there are no chewed wires, damage to your duct work or HVAC, and if there is any urine damage to your insulation.

The technician will take pictures of any damage or signs of squirrels that he finds. Next is the exterior inspection where he is looking from the bottom of your home’s foundation all the way to the top of the roof. The technician is checking for all possible and actual entry points. He will take pictures so you can see for yourself how the squirrels are getting in and out. If we find any nests in your gutters that can easily be removed, we can help you to remove them unless there are babies in the nest. If there are babies in the nest. then we will move it. However, we try to keep the nest close to the original area so the mama squirrel can find her babies. 

Once we complete the full interior and exterior inspection of your home, we will provide you with a quote the same day on the cost to fully seal your property and trap any squirrels that are creating problems. 

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