Squirrels In Your Insulation In Bartlett TN

Do you have squirrels in your insulation in Bartlett TN? Just the suggestion that you might have squirrels in your insulation is enough to make anyone want to cry!

Are you noticing bad, almost musty smells? Have squirrels invaded your attic and are they making a lot of noise that keeps you up at night or wake you early in the morning? Squirrels in your attic can be very bad news. If you even suspect you hear something or that squirrels may be nesting in your attic then it is time to contact a wildlife professional. Call Apex Wildlife Control.

Squirrels can do an amazing amount of damage to your attic in a very short period of time. They will urinate in your home’s insulation and the scent can attract predators to the area. Squirrels can often be found making nests in your insulation. It is quite common for squirrels to chew their way into a home before the winter weather begins. They want a place to nest that is quiet, warm and safe from predators. Your attic and its insulation can provide the perfect nesting spot!

Squirrel Breeding And Gestation

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Insulation in Bartlett TN

There are a few preventative measures that you can take to help deter wildlife animals from moving in with you. Cut back any low-hanging tree limbs that are over your roof or branches and bushes that are too close to the sides of your home.

Be Diligent

Be diligent and pick up any leftover food that is not cleaned up at feeding time if you feed your pets outside.  Whenever you are outside it is good idea to walk around the perimeter of your home to observe its condition. Check for chewed corners or scratch marks around the roof line. Any signs you come across where wildlife have tried to get inside your home will most likely be indications that they have already gained access.

When squirrels nest in your attic they urinate and defecate all over the insulation. If the insulation becomes saturated with urine you may begin to notice brown stains appearing on your ceiling. Urine can ruin insulation and cause the damage to spread.

Call A Professional For Squirrels In Your Insulation in Bartlett TN

Should start to smell a musty odor then check around to make sure that is no mold has started to grow. Moisture creates mold, and mold can be filtered through the air conditioning system to all areas of your home. Thus, it becomes very important to have your attic checked at routine intervals for signs of wildlife animals living in your attic. Fecal droppings are always the quickest way to identify a wildlife animal.

So even if you suspect that there may be a squirrel in your attic, it is time to call a wildlife professional. Apex Wildlife Control are the wildlife professionals to contact! We are here to ensure that your home is animal-free. In the alternative, if wildlife animals have invaded your home then we provide the solution that will create a safe, quiet home once again.

The Apex Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control will conduct a thorough interior and exterior inspection. One of our wildlife technicians will start from your crawl space and go into your attic looking for fecal droppings. He will also be looking for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC, vents, duct work, and the condition of your insulation. As he goes along the technician takes pictures of all the damages and signs of wildlife that he finds.

For the interior inspection the technician goes outside and walks around the perimeter of your home looking for all potential and actual entry points.  The technician will review the pictures and show you how the animals are getting in and out of your home. You will receive a detailed quote the same day for cost of trapping the wildlife and then sealing your home from re-entry.

So, if you have squirrels in your insulation in Bartlett TN, contact Apex Wildlife Control at (901) 598-8555. Ask about our a one-year warranty as well as the double money-back guarantee that no other wildlife company offers!

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