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Squirrels In Your Insulation
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Squirrels In Your Insulation In Cordova TN

Humane Squirrel Trapping In Cordova TN - Why Do Squirrels Like Insulation?

Just why do squirrels prefer to nest in your attic insulation? Well, there are several reasons. First, attic insulation provides a warm and cozy environment that helps them stay comfortable during colder months. It offers a secluded and sheltered space that’s ideal for raising baby squirrels. Second, squirrels are excellent climbers, so roof tops provide easy access into attics. Once inside, squirrels will shred the insulation material to create nests for their babies. 

Also, attics are generally quiet and undisturbed, providing a peaceful spot for squirrels to nurture their offspring. These factors make attic insulation an attractive nesting spot for squirrels, but it’s important to address any infestations promptly to prevent damage and protect your home.

Professional Squirrel Removal In Cordova TN - Squirrel Feces And Urine!

Squirrels can cause significant damage to your attic insulation with their urine and feces, often leading to expensive attic restorations. Squirrel urine can saturate the insulation, reducing its efficiency in regulating temperature and energy usage. This results in higher energy bills as your heating and cooling systems have to work harder. The waste materials also harbor harmful bacteria and fungi, posing health risks for you and your family. The accumulated moisture and feces creates unpleasant odors that your ventilation system can carry throughout your living space. Ultimately, the extent of damage may require a costly attic restoration, including the removal and replacement of contaminated insulation. To avoid these expenses, it’s crucial to address squirrel infestations promptly .

Squirrel Control Methods In Cordova TN - Squirrel Filth In Your Air!

Dust particles from dried squirrel feces in your insulation can pose a serious health risk for you and your family. When the feces dry out, they crumble into fine dust particles that become airborne. This dust can infiltrate your home’s ventilation system, spreading throughout your living spaces. Inhaling or coming into contact with this contaminated dust can expose you to harmful pathogens and allergens present in squirrel feces. This can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and even more severe health problems, particularly for individuals with weakened immune systems. To safeguard your family’s health, it’s crucial to address any squirrel infestations promptly, including proper cleaning and removal of contaminated insulation. Specific precautions are needed when handling areas with dried feces to prevent exposure.

DIY Squirrel Removal In Cordova TN - How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

There are several specific steps a homeowner can take to prevent squirrels from nesting in your insulation. 

First, inspect your home’s exterior, including the roof, walls, and eaves, for any gaps, openings, or damaged areas. Replace rotten wood and seal openings to block potential entry points. Trim tree branches near your roof to eliminate easy access routes for squirrels. Move bird feeders away from the house and secure your garbage cans to remove potential food sources. 

Routinely inspect your attic for signs of squirrel activity and promptly address any issues. These measures will help keep squirrels out of your insulation and preserve your home’s comfort and safety.

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