Squirrels In Your Insulation In Eads TN

Hearing that you have squirrels in your insulation could make just about anyone want to cry. Have you noticed bad smells that are almost musty? Are squirrels getting in your attic making lots of noise and keeping you up at night or early in the morning? Having squirrels in your attic can be very bad news, so if you even think you hear something or might have squirrels nesting in your attic and insulation give us a call.

Squirrels can do a lot of damage to your attic in a short amount of time. Squirrels urinate in insulation and the scent can be an attractant to predators. If squirrels get into your attic they are often found making nests in your insulation. It is very common for squirrels to chew their way into homes especially before it starts getting cold outside.  They want somewhere warm and safe from other predators and your attic and its insulation are the perfect spots.

Squirrel Breeding And Gestation

Squirrels mate between December and February as well as May to June. They gestate up to 44 days and can have a litter size on average from 2 to 4. They look for a safe, warm, and quiet place to raise their young. The baby squirrels are weaned around 7 to 10 weeks and then they will start to get out of the nest more. The mother will start to bring them outside of the nesting area when they are big enough to teach them how to hunt. Once this happens, you will start to see more activity and damage.

When it comes to getting a family out of an attic, we don’t trap the same. We put eviction fluid around the attic before we perform any sealing or trapping services. This fluid sets off a biological reaction that makes the mother squirrel sense a predator nearby. When these senses go off in her she will want to relocate her babies herself. This is the best way to get them out without separating the family. We do our best to never separate wildlife families from each other.

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Insulation in Eads TN 

Some preventative measures are good to take that can help deter animals from deciding they want to room with you. Look for any low-hanging branches over your roof. Branches are the main highway or bridges for squirrels and can be easy to jump from them to us. 

Make sure there is no food outside your house. Squirrels love nuts, berries, and seeds so if you have any bird feeders make sure that they are far away from your home. Anytime you are outside it is always good to observe the condition of your home. Check for any chewed corners or scratching around your roofline. If you see any signs that animals are trying to get into your home they have most likely already gained access.

You may begin to see stains on your ceiling when not treated properly.  When squirrels nest in your attic on the insulation they are urinating and defecating all over it. With enough urine, the insulation can be ruined and it could also spread to other areas.

Call A Professional For Squirrels In Your Insulation in Eads TN 

If you start to smell a musty odor, you need to check around and make sure there is no mold starting to form.  Moisture creates mold and it may be filtering through your air conditioning all into your home. It is very important to have someone check your attic every so often for signs of wildlife living in your attic. Droppings are always the quickest way to spot if an animal is in your attic.

If you even start to think there may be a squirrel in your attic or if you notice signs of wildlife chewing on the outside of your home it is time to call the professionals!

Apex Wildlife Control is here to make sure your home is animal-free, and if there are animals, we are here to provide a solution and help you to create a safe quiet home again.

The Apex Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control will send one of our trained wildlife technicians to your home to come to do a full interior and exterior inspection. They will go into your attic and look for fecal droppings to determine the species first. We are also looking for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC or duct work, and check on the condition of your insulation. The technician will take pictures of all the damages and signs of wildlife that is found.

After, the interior inspection they will go outside and proceed to do the exterior portion of the inspection. The technician is looking for all potential and actual entry points. They will take pictures to show you how the animals are getting in and out of your home. You will receive a quote the same day for the prices of trapping and sealing your home from wildlife reentry.

Apex Wildlife offers a one-year warranty and also a double money-back guarantee. This is something no other wildlife company offers. If you would like to hear all about our company and our warranty give us a call today and we would love to help.  

So, if you have squirrels in your insulation in Eads TN, give us a call today!  

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