Squirrels In Your Soffit In Bartlett TN

Preventing Squirrels In Your Soffit in Bartlett TN

There are a few preventative measures that you can take yourself. First, look around your property to identify what might possibly be attracting the squirrels to your home. Any type of food – birdseed, nuts, berries, pet foot – that happens to be on the ground can attract squirrels to your property. Remove bird feeders, even hummingbird feeders. Trim bushes away from the sides of your home can sometimes help. Also, cut down trees or low any hanging branches over your roof or near the soffits. Repair and/or replace any wood around your home that is rotted as squirrels can easily chew through or tear the rotted wood apart.

Squirrels In Your Soffit Damage

Interior And Exterior Inspections

Apex Wildlife Control offers interior and exterior inspection services for both residential and commercial properties. The technician will go from the crawl space to your attic looking for fecal droppings.  He will thencheck for damages such as chewed electrical wiring, damage to duct work, the HVAC, vents, and insulation. The technician will take pictures of his findings.

The technician will inspect the perimeter of your home from the foundation to the roof line for potential and actual points of entry. After completion of his inspection the technician will sit down to review the photographs with you.  He will provide you with a detailed estimate to trap the animals and for the exclusion work necessary to seal your home.

Apex Wildlife Control does not offer repairs that involve concrete around the foundation of a home, rotting wood, or roofing work that may be deemed necessary. The homeowner will need to contact a professional who specializes in these areas.

The Apex Guarantee

So if you have squirrels in your soffit in Bartlett TN, call Apex Wildlife Control at (901) 598-8555 and ask us about our guarantees. We offer a one-year warranty for full exclusion services that guarantees the specified animal species will not gain re-entry to your home.
Our double money-back guarantee is unique in that no other wildlife company offers anything like it! This guarantee is proof that we stand behind the quality of the work we provide. If you find our work is insufficient then we will redo the specified area.
If you remain dissatisfied, then we will refund your money for the portion of the work that you are unhappy with.  We will then pay another contractor of your choice to perform the repair.  We are proud of our work, and our work speaks for itself!

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