Squirrels In Your Soffit In Collierville TN

A few preventive methods will help. Start with what is around your home that is possibly attracting squirrels. Any type of birdseed, nuts, berries or food on the ground will attract squirrels to your property. Take down bird feeders, even the hummingbird feeders. Trimming bushes away from the house will also help. Trim trees where the branches are hanging low over your roof or near your soffits. Repair any rotted wood around your home that squirrels can chew through or tear apart.

Squirrels In Your Soffit Damage

Our wildlife technician will start with the interior inspection first. The technician will look for fecal droppings to determine the species in your home. The technician will also check for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC, and damage to your duct work. He will take pictures of his findings, then move to the exterior of your home for the remainder of the inspection. 

The technician is looking for possible and actual entry points from the bottom of your foundation to the top of the roof. The technician will also take pictures of these entry points and report back to you. After the full inspection, the technician will provide you with an estimate detailing all items on the interior and exterior.

We can do many repairs through our exclusion (preventative repairs) services. However, we cannot cover everything. Any repairs that involve concrete around the foundation, rotting wood or roofing work need to be done by a carpenter who specializes in those areas. 

The Apex Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control offers something different than any other wildlife company! Not only do we offer a one-year guarantee, but we also have a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK guarantee! The one-year warranty guarantees that the specified species will not get into your home for one year. 

The DOUBLE MONEY-BACK guarantee is proof that the work we provide is quality and satisfactory. If you don’t find our work sufficient, then we will redo the specified area. If you are still unsatisfied, we will refund the money for that portion of the work and pay another company of your choosing to come out and do the exclusion work.

Of course, we have never had to do this. We always honor our promises and contracts. So contact us today and let our work speak for itself!

So, if you have squirrels in your soffit in Collierville TN, give us a call today!  

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