Squirrels In Your Ventilation System In Bartlett TN

Squirrel Feces And Urine In Your Ventilation System in Bartlett TN

Squirrels Will Get Stuck In Your Ventilation System in Bartlett TN

Squirrels can become stuck in the ventilation system. This can be problematic for several reasons. A squirrel will do everything it can to get out. Their efforts can cause a lot of damage. They squirrel will become exhausted from the struggle and die from exhaustion and dehydration.

Squirrels Can Sometimes Die In Your Ventilation System

Should a squirrel die in the ventilation system the foul odor from the decaying carcass will filtrate throughout the entire house. This makes locating the dead squirrel almost impossible. In a number of cases all new air ducts have needed to be installed.

Apex Wildlife Control offers a dead animal removal and deodorization service. If we are able to locate the dead squirrel we will remove the animal and deodorize the area. This service includes disposal of carcass and cleanup of the area. We then use a deodorizing mist to dissipate and help eliminate the smell.

How Do Squirrels Get In Your Home?

Clients often ask, “How did the squirrel get into my home in the first place?”
Access by squirrels to your attic can be gained through open vents on the side of your home. Dryer and gable vents are the most commonly used entry points. A gable vent is normally triangular or round and are in place to vent your attic. Gable vents are typically screened with a bug mesh and are designed to keep insects out, not rodents. It is very easy for a squirrel or rat to chew through, pull apart, or widen vent openings.

Squirrel Interior And Exterior Inspection

Our Interior Inspection:

For the interior Inspection the technician will look from the crawl space up into the attic and for animal trails, nests, and fecal droppings to identify the wildlife species involved. He is also checking for damage to electrical wires, the HVAC, duct-work, vents, PVC pipes, and insulation. All throughout the inspection the technician takes pictures of the damage that he finds.

Our Exterior Inspection:

Following the interior inspection the technician goes outside to walk around the perimeter of your home. He looks from the foundation to the roof line for damage to gables, the roof, and ground vents, holes in soffits, construction gaps, siding, chimneys, bricks, and foundation. He also takes pictures of any potential and actual entry points.

Upon completion of the inspection the technician will review the pictures of the damages with you and and provide a detailed quote for trapping services and full exclusion work.

Squirrel Trapping And Exclusion Process

The quote for trapping services and the exclusion work are valid for a period of 7 days. The exclusion process generally takes from 1 to 2 days to perform depending upon the size of your home. For a complete exclusion we have a one-year warranty and guarantee against re-entry of the specified animal species.

We completely seal all potential and actual entry points. The primary point of entry is the one exception. For that area we place an excluder trap over the entry point and leave it open so the squirrel can leave the attic to forage for food. The excluder trap enables the squirrel to leave the attic, but it cannot re-enter the house. The squirrel will usually exit the attic within 1 to 2 days. Once the wildlife has been removed we then seal the final point of entry. We offer a one-year warranty on our full exclusion work against re-entry by the species involved through any actual or potential entry point that we seal. If a squirrel does manage to breach our work within a year then we will trap the squirrels and reseal the area involved at no additional cost to you.

Apex Wildlife Warranty And Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control is so confident in the quality of our exclusion services that we offer a double money-back guarantee that no other wildlife company dares to offer. If you are not happy with the quality of our work then we will redo the area involved at no cost. If you are still dissatisfied we will issue a refund for the portion of work that you are unhappy with and pay a competitor of your choice to redo the work in question.

So, if you have squirrels in your ventilation system in Bartlett TN, call us today! 

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