Squirrels In Your Ventilation System In Eads TN

Squirrel Feces And Urine In Your Ventilation System in Collierville TN

Squirrels in your ventilation system in Eads TN can be a real problem.  Once a squirrel makes a nest in the ventilation system, you may start to smell foul odors throughout your house. Squirrels will urinate and defecate where they are nesting. This can create a noxious odor that can be almost impossible to remove. The vents circulate air throughout your house, so the smell won’t be contained to just one area.

This is not only smelly, but unsanitary. The fecal matter can get circulated throughout the home. Once airborne, it can be inhaled and get it in our eyes. It can also get onto different surfaces that we touch and eat off of. This can make you very sick. Moisture from the urine can also cause mold to form in your air vents. Mold is extremely dangerous to breathe in. 

Squirrels Will Get Stuck In Your Ventilation System in Collierville TN 

Sometimes, squirrels get stuck in the ventilation system. This is problematic for a few reasons. When a squirrel gets stuck, it will do everything it can to get out. This can cause a lot of damage. In addition, they may tire quickly from the struggle and die from exhaustion and dehydration. 

Squirrels Can Sometimes Die In Your Ventilation System

Once the squirrel is dead, the odor will filtrate through the entire home. This will make locating the dead squirrel almost impossible. In many cases, you may have to have all new air ducts installed. If we are able to locate the squirrel we will remove the animal and deodorize the area.  This service includes the disposal and cleanup of the animal. We will deodorize the area to help eliminate the smell.  

How Do Squirrels Get In Your Home?

Clients often ask us the following question. How did the squirrel get into my home in the first place? Squirrels gain access to attics through open vents on the side of your home. There are many different vents on your home. Dryer and gable vents are the more commonly used entry points. A gable vent is normally triangular or round and is used to vent your attic. Gable vents are typically screened with a bug mesh. They are designed to keep out insects but not rodents. It is easy for a squirrel or rat to chew through, pull apart, or widen vent openings. 

Squirrel Interior And Exterior Inspection

Our Interior Inspection:

Inspect for fecal droppings and urine stains

Check for chewed wires, damaged HVAC and damage to your duct-work

Inspect insulation for trails and nests


Our Exterior Inspection:

Damaged Gable Vents, Roof Vents, and ground vents

Holes in soffits, siding, brick, foundations, and chimneys 

Construction Gaps in the eaves and much more

We take pictures of all damages. We also locate all potential and actual entry points. You will receive a quote the same day for trapping and exclusion. 

Squirrel Trapping And Exclusion Process

Apex Wildlife’s trapping and exclusion prices have a validity period of 7 days. Our exclusion process typically takes 1 to 2 days to perform depending upon the size of your home. When we completely seal the property, we have a one year warranty and guarantee against re-entry.

We completely seal all potential and actual entry points. The one exception is the primary point of entry. We put an excluder trap over this point of entry. We leave this open so the squirrel can leave the attic. This trap allows the animal to leave but not re-enter the building. The animal usually exits the attic within 1 to 2 days. Once all animals are gone, we seal the final point of entry. Once sealed, you are given a one year warranty and guarantee against re-entry through all points we have sealed.

Apex Wildlife Warranty And Double Money Back Guarantee


Apex Wildlife Control has a 1-year warranty for all of our exclusion work. We guarantee all our work against re-entry. If a squirrels does breach our work, we will trap and reseal the area at no additional cost. 

We also offer a double money-back guarantee! If you aren’t happy with the quality of work, we will redo the individual item at no cost. If you still aren’t happy we will issue a refund for that portion. That’s not all though! We will pay a competitor of your choice to redo the item in question. No other wildlife company offers this guarantee! 

So, if you have squirrels in your ventilation in Eads TN, give us a call today! 

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