Squirrels In The Wall In Collierville TN

Are Squirrels In The Wall Of Your Home?

Every once in a while a squirrel will fall in a hole or crevice and get stuck. It is important to note if the noise is mobile or stationary. If it is stationary, then the squirrel may be stuck. If you think a squirrel is stuck, it is very important to let us know before it dies of hunger or dehydration.

What Happens If The Squirrels In The Wall Die?

When a squirrel gets stuck, it can perish in as little as two days. Once a squirrel dies inside a wall, it can be very hard to locate. We are following the trail by smell alone and may have to open up walls in multiple locations. We’ll drill a small hole into your wall and use a boroscope to locate the squirrel,    before cutting into a wall to avoid creating too much damage.

Our technicians also go up in the attic to locate where the odor is strongest. This can help us target the main area of the smell.


Removal Trapping And Exclusion Process For Squirrels In The Wall

The best solution for squirrels in the wall is to completely seal your home. If a squirrel can get in, it will. You need to fortify your home as much as possible. During our inspection process, we locate all potential and actual points of entry. We record any damages and provide pictures of our findings. When we gather all the necessary information, we present this to you. Once you have this information, you can choose to have us do the work, do it yourself, or hire a contractor to do the work for you.  

During the exclusion process, we completely seal the building with the exception of the primary point of entry. We leave one entry point unsealed and install an excluder trap over that location. This will allow the squirrels to leave your home, but they cannot regain entry. 

This allows us to typically solve the squirrel issue within a few short days. We guarantee that we will remove all the squirrels with this method. If you choose to book a trapping-only service, we would set live cage traps on the outside of the home. However, there is no guarantee that the squirrels will go into them. They may see the bait, but they can be trap-shy and not go in. 

Squirrel Habitat Modification

Squirrels know when something is different or new in their habitat and avoid it. Other squirrels may be suspicious because they have been caught or almost caught in a trap before. They may now recognize the potential danger. We always ask our customers if they have tried trapping themselves or had another company attempt to trap squirrels. If so, squirrels in your wall may be difficult to trap.

Outside Trapping Of Squirrels

When we perform outside trapping, the traps will be in an easily seen location. This is so you are able to walk into your yard and see if an animal is trapped. We check our traps every other day. However, we ask that our clients call us right away if a squirrel is in a trap. When notified, we will come to relocate the squirrel and rebait the traps.

Our main goal is to do everything as humanely and efficiently as possible. Apex Wildlife Control wants the squirrels taken care of and out of harm’s way. We also want our customers to feel happy and our technicians to love what they do. Contact us today. You will be glad you did! 

So, if you have squirrels in your wall in Collierville TN, give us a call today.  

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