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Squirrels In Your Wall
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Squirrels In Your Wall In Germantown TN

Squirrel Trapping In Germantown TN - Is There A Squirrel In My Wall?

Hearing the sounds of adult and baby squirrels trapped within your walls can be distressing, but it’s essential to recognize these noises. Adult squirrels often make scratching and scurrying sounds as they attempt to find a way out. They are agile climbers and can easily navigate wall voids.  

Baby squirrels may produce high-pitched, squeaky noises. They are helpless at birth and rely on their mother for care and warmth. When separated from their mother, they become vocal in distress, which can be heard through the walls.

Squirrels in walls can cause structural damage and pose fire hazards by gnawing on wires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, rodents are responsible for 20% of undetermined fires in the United States annually.

 Call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We are here to help! 

Squirrel Control In Germantown TN - Baby Squirrels In Your Wall

Baby squirrels falling through insulation into wall voids is very common. Insulation materials, such as fiberglass or cellulose, provide a soft surface for them to navigate and they can easily fall through. 

These wall voids can be deep and inaccessible, making it challenging to retrieve the trapped kits. Additionally, once inside, they can become disoriented, agitated, and vocal, producing distressing noises that can disrupt your home.

Neglecting this problem can lead to several issues.  Trapped squirrels may die within the wall voids, causing foul odors and attracting insects. 

Addressing baby squirrels in wall voids  is crucial to prevent future damage.  So, if you have baby squirrels in your wall, Call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We are here to help! 

Humane Squirrel Removal In Germantown TN - Apex To The Rescue!

Our technicians are experienced in removing squirrels from walls.    In cases where squirrels are stuck and inaccessible by other means, technicians may resort to cutting into walls. This method allows them to reach the trapped animals and remove them without causing harm.

It’s important to note that this procedure requires precision to avoid unnecessary damage to your home’s structure. Our technicians are well-trained to perform these tasks efficiently, minimizing disruption and preserving the integrity of your property.  So if you have squirrels in your wall, call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We are here to help! 

Humane Squirrel Removal In Germantown TN - Act Quickly!

It’s important to act quickly if you hear a squirrel stuck in your wall, especially during baby squirrel season. Baby squirrels, or kits, can die rapidly from dehydration. Squirrel babies are entirely dependent on their mother’s milk for food, and being separated from her can be fatal.  A baby squirrel can succumb to dehydration in as little as 12 hours.

When trapped within wall voids, kits can become disoriented, agitated, and vocal in distress. Delaying retrieval  can result in tragic consequences for these helpless creatures.

A deceased squirrel within your wall can lead to unpleasant odors and attract insects. This can worsen the situation, causing additional problems in your home.

Call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We are ready to help! 

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