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Squirrels In Your Wall In Memphis TN

Professional Squirrel Removal In Memphis TN - What Is That Noise?

Hearing strange noises in your walls can be unsettling. Squirrels can emit various noises when trapped. A common sound is persistent scratching or gnawing. Squirrels have strong teeth and claws. When trapped, they try to chew or scratch their way out, creating distinct noises. You might also hear frantic scampering or rustling as the squirrels move around within the wall cavity, desperately seeking an escape route. Sometimes, you’ll hear high-pitched chirping or squeaking, especially if baby squirrels are involved, as they call for their mother’s assistance. If you suspect squirrels are trapped in your walls, don’t attempt a DIY approach, as it can be risky and ineffective. Call Apex Wildlife Control. We can assess the situation, safely remove the squirrels, and ensure that your home remains free from these unwanted guests, all while minimizing any potential damage.

DIY Squirrel Control In Memphis TN - Baby Squirrels In Your Wall

Baby squirrels can sometimes fall down through insulation and end up trapped in your walls. This happens when they’re exploring their surroundings and accidentally slip through gaps or openings in the attic floor. Once in the wall cavity, they can’t easily climb back up, leading to a distressing situation.

If you suspect a baby squirrel is stuck in your wall, it’s vital to act promptly. Attempting a rescue on your own can be risky and may cause further harm to the squirrel. Instead, contact Apex Wildlife Control. We can safely and expertly remove the trapped squirrel, ensuring its well-being while addressing the issue without causing additional damage to your home.

Humane Squirrel Removal In Memphis TN - Removing Squirrels From Walls

When a squirrel is trapped inside a wall, our technicians have a specialized approach to safely rescue it. 

We first identify the exact location of the trapped squirrel using specialized tools like a Boroscope. Once located, the technician will carefully cut a small access hole in the wall near the squirrel’s position. This precise cut allows him to reach the squirrel without causing extensive damage to your wall. 

Calling Apex Wildlife Control is crucial in this situation, as our experience and tools enable us to rescue the squirrel while minimizing damage to your home, keeping both your property and the squirrel safe.

Squirrel Removal Methods In Memphis TN - How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help keep squirrels out of your attic, and therefore out of your walls.  Inspect your home for potential entry points. Squirrels can exploit even small gaps or cracks. Seal these openings with materials like steel mesh, foam, or caulk to deny them access.

You should also trim trees and branches that provide easy access to your roof. Squirrels are excellent climbers and jumpers, so removing these pathways can deter their entry.  These athletic little creatures can easily jump several feet onto your roof from a nearby limb or tree.

Try to keep your attic well-maintained and clutter-free. Squirrels are attracted to nesting materials, so regular cleaning can make your attic less appealing to them.

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