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Squirrels In Your Warehouse In Germantown TN

Squirrel Removal In Germantown TN - Chewed Wires In Your Warehouse

Chewed wires can lead to electrical shorts and power outages, disrupting your operations and potentially causing financial losses due to downtime. Beyond that, there is a significant fire hazard. When squirrels gnaw on wires, this can expose the inner metal conductors, creating points of contact for electrical arcing. This arcing generates intense heat, and in an industrial environment with flammable materials and equipment, it poses a significant risk of fire that could result in catastrophic damage and injury to employees.

Sometimes these issues can require shutting down sections of your warehouse, which can lead to production delays and additional expenses for repairs.

DIY Squirrel Control In Germantown TN - Squirrel Filth And Contamination

When squirrels inhabit indoor spaces like warehouses, they leave behind droppings and urine that can have serious health implications for your staff.

Squirrel feces can contain harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. When these contaminants become airborne, they can be inhaled by your employees, potentially leading to respiratory issues, allergies, and infections. It’s particularly concerning in an enclosed working environment where ventilation may not be ideal.

Even worse, squirrel droppings and urine can create conditions conducive to mold growth, which can further exacerbate indoor air quality problems and pose health risks for you and your employees.

Professional Squirrel Removal In Germantown TN - Expensive Repairs

Why don’t more squirrels get electrocuted when chewing wires?  Well, most of the time squirrels can get away with a little nibble at your wiring, but then there are some occasions when Mr. Electricity puts the ultimate smack down on these chew-happy animals when they get too carried away.

A squirrel’s body is less conductive compared to humans, which means it is less likely to provide a pathway for electricity to flow through. Their fur also acts as an insulator, reducing the chances of electrical shock. Also, most electrical wires have a layer of insulation designed to prevent contact with the conductive metal underneath. This insulation limits the exposure of the live wires, reducing direct contact.

Squirrel Removal Services In Germantown TN - Expensive Repairs

When squirrels nest inside your warehouse, they can damage various parts of your facility, requiring expensive repairs.

Squirrels tend to nest in insulation, tearing it apart to create their nests. This compromises your warehouse’s insulation effectiveness, leading to increased heating and cooling costs.  These animals can also damage ventilation systems by chewing through ducts and filters. This not only affects air quality but also impacts your HVAC efficiency, potentially leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

Squirrels will also gnaw on electrical wiring, which can disrupt your warehouse’s power supply and crate fire hazards.

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