Squirrels On The Roof Of Your Home In Bartlett TN

Do you have squirrels on the roof of your home in Bartlett TN? If so, then you are not alone.

Squirrels can be some of cutest, funniest, and most entertaining animals to watch. Unfortunately, squirrels are also a potential health and safety hazard for you, your family and your home. If squirrels are present, then you need to check for any signs that they have gained access to the inside of your home. Some signs include chewed corners on soffits, holes in vinyl siding or roof, fecal droppings in the attic or insulation. You may also hear scratching or chewing noises coming from your walls or ceilings.

Roof/Attic Damage From Squirrels On The Roof Of Your Home

Signs Of Squirrel Activity In Attics

Fecal droppings are the first indicator to look for when identifying a wildlife species. Wildlife carry a lot of disease-causing bacteria and parasites. This is the baggage that wildlife bring into your home, especially through fecal droppings and urine. Should it be determined that there has been extensive damage and your attic is in need of restoration we will inform you and provide referrals for companies that perform attic restoration services.

Apex Wildlife Control offers a fecal cleaning and deodorization service. It may sound straight forward and easy, but the cleanup of fecal is no easy task. Failure to wear the proper protective gear when dealing with fecal matter can expose you to a lot of harmful bacteria. Too much urine in insulation can cause it to become saturated lead to the development of mold. If the urine and fecal are in the air vents then circulating air can stir up harmful bacteria, send it throughout the house, and potentially make you and your family quite ill. In fact, your family may fall ill without a clue as to how their illness was contracted.

Squirrel Fecal Removal And Safety Equipment

If you are an avowed do-it-yourself and you decide to tackle fecal cleanup yourself then please take extreme care to use the proper safety procedures, cleaning supplies, and equipment. Always wear an OSHA approved respirator to avoid breathing in harmful chemicals or particles from the fecal that is stirred up. Wear goggles for eye protection and a Tyvek suit to prevent your clothing from being stained, and don’t forget to wear gloves. Remove all the contaminated protective gear once the task is completed. This is to ensure that you do not track bacteria back into the interior of your home.

The deodorization process uses chemicals formulated to eliminate odors that can attract additional wildlife into your home.

Trapping The Squirrels On The Roof Of Your Home in Bartlett TN

It is possible for an area to become over populated with squirrels. By way of comparison, the noise created by a pair of squirrels would not be as loud or noticeable as having 3 or more squirrels stampeding across your roof. We also recommend our outside trapping service to reduce their numbers. Once trapped the squirrels are safely relocated and released in an scarcely populated area.

The trapping process takes place over 7 days. Several live traps are set out on your property.  The traps are checked every 36 hours as mandated by law for a total of 3 trap checks.  At every check the tech will rebait and reset the traps as needed.  Captured squirrels are released at least 20 or more miles away to ensure they do not find their way back to your property. This service helps to alleviate overcrowding.

Interior And Exterior Inspections

Apex Wildlife Control provides thorough interior and exterior inspections for homes and commercial businesses.

The wildlife technician goes from the crawl space to the attic looking for fecal droppings to identify the wildlife species. He will also look for damage to electrical wires, HVAC, and soiled insulation. As he goes the technician takes pictures of what he finds.

Afterwards, the technician will inspect from foundation to the top of your roof and around the perimeter of your home.  After the inspection the technician will sit down with you to provide a detailed report of the problem. You will also receive a detailed estimate of the cost to trap the squirrels and seal your home.

Squirrel Removal Warranty And Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control offers a standard one-year warranty on the full exclusion work we perform. If the target wildlife breaches our work, then we will reseal the specified area at no additional cost.

We also offer a Double Money Back guarantee! If you are unhappy with the quality of our workmanship then we will redo the item in question at no additional charge.  If you are still unhappy, we will issue a refund for the portion of work involved and pay a competitor of your choice to fix the area.

So if you have squirrels on the roof of your home in Bartlett TN,  give Apex Wildlife Control a call today at (901) 598-8555. Don’t let squirrels or other wildlife damage your home any more than they already have.

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