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Squirrels On Your Roof
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Squirrels On Your Roof In Collierville TN

Expert Squirrel Removal In Collierville TN - Why Are Squirrels On My Roof?

If you have squirrels on your roof, there are several reasons behind their presence. Squirrels are agile climbers and can easily scale trees and branches to reach rooftops. They often use roofs to access different areas or seek shelter.

Your roof can provide a comfortable vantage point for squirrels to survey their surroundings, locate food sources, and even sun themselves. These enjoy high vantage points for safety and for keeping an eye out for predators.

Squirrels may also be attracted to your roof if they detect potential entry points into your home. They are known for their gnawing behavior, and they might try to gain access to your attic or other parts of your house through openings in the roof, eaves or your soffits.

Get Rid Of Squirrels In Collierville TN - Is This A Squirrel Hole?

Its simple to tell if a hole in your roof was chewed by a squirrel if you know what to look for. Squirrels have distinct gnawing habits, and their marks are quite different from other types of damage created by nature or wildlife.

Inspect the hole closely for chew marks that appear as clean, sharp edges. Squirrel gnawing typically results in jagged, irregular openings in materials like wood or siding. Their teeth leave behind noticeable teeth marks and wood shavings.

Squirrel chew marks are often accompanied by a series of scratch-like grooves surrounding the hole, indicating their attempts to gain access or enlarge the opening.

You may also find droppings or signs of nesting near the damaged area, as squirrels often establish nests in attics or other parts of your home through these holes.

Squirrel Control Methods In Collierville TN - Expensive Roof Repairs!

Squirrels chewing on your roof can lead to expensive repairs for several reasons. Squirrels have strong teeth that continuously grow, so they gnaw on various materials, including the wooden components of your roof, to keep their teeth trimmed. This chewing activity can cause significant damage to your roof’s structure.

When squirrels chew on your roof, they can create openings, holes, or weakened areas in the roofing materials. These vulnerabilities can lead to water infiltration during rain or snow, potentially causing interior water damage and compromising the integrity of your home’s structure.

DIY Squirrel Removal In Collierville TN - Water Damage And Mold!

Squirrels chewing holes in your roof can lead to expensive ceiling damage and the potential for mold issues. When squirrels create openings in your roof, they inadvertently allow moisture to enter, especially during rain or snow. This moisture can then seep into your home’s interior and eventually reach your ceiling.

The water that enters through these holes can cause water stains, peeling paint, and structural damage to your ceiling. Repairing these damages can be costly, involving fixing the roof and addressing any internal water damage.  This can also create an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold thrives in damp, dark places, and a compromised ceiling can become a breeding ground for mold spores which can create dangerous health risks to you and your family.

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