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Squirrels On Your Roof
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Squirrels On Your Roof In Memphis TN

Professional Squirrel Removal In Memphis TN - Squirrels On My Roof

If you hear unusual sounds on your roof, it’s essential to identify them correctly, as squirrels are often the culprits. Squirrels on your roof tend to produce distinct noises that are easily recognizable. You might hear scratching or scurrying sounds as the squirrels scamper about. These sounds can be more pronounced during the day since squirrels are mostly active during the day time. Sometimes, you’ll hear chirping or chattering sounds, especially if there are multiple squirrels communicating or if they feel threatened. When they’re nesting or seeking shelter, you may hear softer, rustling sounds as they arrange nesting materials. If you suspect squirrels are on your roof, don’t ignore it. Give us a call. We can assess the situation and take appropriate steps to ensure your home remains free from any unwanted guests.

DIY Squirrel Control In Memphis TN - Is That A Squirrel Hole?

Correctly identifying a squirrel hole in your roof or shingles is crucial to addressing potential infestations. Look for small openings or gaps in your roofline, especially near the eaves and around roof vents or chimneys. These openings may be chewed or gnawed. Squirrel holes are typically about two inches in diameter. They can appear irregular in shape due to the squirrels’ gnawing habit. You  may also notice brown or black stains around the hole, caused by the oils on their fur rubbing against the roof shingles. If you suspect a squirrel is chewing a hole in your roof, prompt action is essential. Call Apex Wildlife Control for a thorough inspection of your home to assess the situation. We can safely remove any squirrels and recommend preventive repairs to ensure your home remains squirrel-free and protected from potential damage.

Humane Squirrel Removal In Memphis TN - Expensive Water Damage

Squirrel damage to your roof can lead to costly water damage to your home. When squirrels chew through roof shingles or create openings, they compromise the roof’s integrity. This damage allows rainwater to seep into your attic or crawl spaces, potentially causing extensive structural damage and mold growth. Water leaks from a damaged roof can lead to ceiling and wall damage, ruined insulation, and electrical issues, all of which are expensive to repair. Moisture-related problems like mold and mildew can affect your indoor air quality, leading to potential health concerns. Addressing squirrel damage promptly is crucial. Give us a call. We can trap and remove the squirrels and recommend steps to prevent additional issues, ultimately saving you from the expense of extensive water damage and repairs.

Squirrel Removal Methods In Memphis TN - How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Preventing squirrels from accessing your roof requires some definite proactive steps. Start by trimming tree branches near your home, as these can act as bridges for squirrels to reach your roof. Seal any potential entry points or gaps, especially near the roofline and around vents or chimneys. Secure roof vents and chimneys with wire mesh to block their entry. Consider installing squirrel-proof bird feeders in your yard, and ensure your trash cans are tightly closed to reduce attractants. If you suspect squirrel activity on your roof, consult a professional. Apex Wildlife Control can assess the situation, safely remove the squirrels, and offer guidance on preventive measures to keep these pests away, ensuring your home remains squirrel-free and protected from potential damage and health risks.

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