Vole Removal

To remove voles you have to know what you are doing. Voles, like mice are very prolific.

There are a variety of different methods that can be utilized when it comes to the removal of field mice (AKA) Voles. Some of the more common methods used are utilizing live cage traps to trap and relocate them. You can also use mouse traps or poison. In addition, vole activity can be frustrated by using a variety of different products such as vole repellants, and garden fencing.

At Apex Wildlife Control, our primary method of capture and removal is with lethal snap traps. This allows us to quickly cut down the population of voles. However, keep in mind that since voles are such prolific breeders, it’s unlikely to completely eradicate them with a trapping only service. Many times, a multi-approach procedure is the best course of action.

A Voles territory can range up to a quarter acre. In that quarter acre, a Vole will tear up all types of plants from grass to flowers, even bushes. With many species, we are able to relocate them to our wildlife refuge, however voles are an exception. We have to terminate them. Give us a call to help determine what needs to be done! Getting rid of voles in a yard might be a challenge but we can help!

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