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Vole Extermination In Eads TN

Vole Control In Eads TN - Vole Damage

For anyone who loves gardening, here’s nothing worse than watching unseen creatures destroy a beautifully landscaped yard.  At Apex Wildlife Control, we understand the frustration that voles can bring to garden enthusiasts. These little rodents can become a significant annoyance in gardens. 

Voles, also called field mice,  feed on a variety of plants, gnawing at stems and roots and leading to the destruction of prized flowers and vegetables. Their tunneling disrupts soil structure, causing damage to root systems and affecting plant health. This can result in stunted growth and reduced crop yield. Not only that, but vole runways and surface trails destroy the beauty of well-maintained garden beds.

Vole Extermination In Eads TN - Do I Have Voles Or Moles?

This is a common question we get from homeowners on a regular basis.  Once you see the difference in vole damage vs mole damage, it is easy to tell what you may have.

Voles will create small holes around 2 inches in diameter while digging nesting sites.  Their tunnels are around 2 inches wide, flat and usually sunken.

Moles will create hills from the dirt they excavate while digging nesting sites.  Their feeder tunnels are raised ridges and much larger than vole tunnels.  Voles will often use old abandoned mole tunnels as well.

Vole Control In Eads TN - Vole Reproduction

Like all rodents, voles possess a remarkable ability to reproduce quickly, which can lead to population explosions if left unchecked. Voles breed throughout the year, with females able to give birth to several litters annually. Their short gestation period of around three weeks means that new generations are born quickly. A single vole litter can consist of 5 to 8 pups, and these females are sexually mature within a month. In favorable conditions, just one pair of voles can potentially create dozens of offspring in a single year. And their offspring can create their own dozens, until your yard is dotted with the burrows and tunnels of all their “grand-voles”.

Humane Vole Control In Eads TN - Cutting Edge Technology!

At Apex Wildlife Control, we stay on the cutting edge of vole control and maintenance technology for our clients!

Using a special compressor made just for this purpose, our technician will inject Carbon Monoxide into the ground which will quickly fill a 200 foot long vole tunnel. Any voles in those tunnels will be humanely euthanized within 2 to 3 minutes. By injecting this gas underground, there is no danger for children or pets, and no damage to your lawn or garden. We do not utilize any poisons or pesticides.

If you are sick and tired of seeing ugly tunnels and holes in your beautiful lawn, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today! Our skilled technicians are ready to help!

We also perform wildlife trapping in Eads TN for rats, mice, squirrels, skunks, 

moles, opossums, raccoons,  armadillos, and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

We are happy to help!


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