Wildlife Services Memphis TN

If you are having issues with wildlife such as Squirrels, Raccoons, or Rats give our office a call today. Our company will send out one of our Wildlife Control Technicians to your home to perform an interior and exterior inspection of the property.

The interior inspection involves performing a thorough analysis of your attic. During this time, we will look for items such as damaged wiring, soiled and damaged insulation, fecal matter, damaged HVAC duct work and more.

The exterior inspection involves performing a thorough analysis of the exterior of your property. This inspection typically involves locating any potential or actual entry points. During this inspection, we will take digital pictures of all accessible entry points. These pictures are sent to our clients via picture message to their cell phones.

In addition, we also upload these pictures to our servers so that we have before and after pictures of all the work we perform on your property. This ensures that we provide the highest quality exclusion service in the industry.

Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion Memphis TN

When choosing a wildlife removal company, it’s important that you use one that can give you guaranteed results. Apex Wildlife Control provides guaranteed solutions when performing trapping and exclusion. We are able to offer guaranteed solutions because of the highly systematized processes and procedures we use to exclude the animal from our clients home. In essence, we completely seal the entire property with the exception of one point of entry. We use a bi-directional excluder trap over this final entry point. This guarantees us the ability to capture the target animal and humanely relocate them a more hospitable environment.

Outside Trapping

Do you have issues with animals digging in your lawn, knocking over trash cans, tunneling in your lawn, or just generally being a pest. If this describes your situation, we offer outside trapping. The trapping services we offer for outside include Mole Trapping, Raccoon Trapping, Opossum Trapping, Armadillo Trapping, Skunk Trapping, and Snake Trapping. While we performing this service we will set up traps for one week and will come to the property to check the traps and relocate the wildlife every 36 hours.

Raccoons searching through a garbage can.

Dead Animal Removal and Deodorization

Have you recently noticed an odor in your home that suggests you may have a deceased animal within your home. If so, you most likely have a situation with an animal that has fallen down into a wall, perished in an air conditioning duct, or may have died underneath your attic insulation. While no company can guarantee that they will be able to locate the deceased animal, our company uses specialized equipment that in most cases allows us to quickly and efficiently locate and remove the offending animal.

Fecal Removal

In addition to the noises people hear in their attic, an additional downside to wildlife in your attic is the fecal matter they leave behind. Not only is this unsightly, but it can cause a number of different health problems if the airborne spores are breathed in. In the event you have fecal matter in your attic, we will give you an estimate to ensure it’s completely removed from your attic. This not only makes the space more safe to be in but also allows the homeowner to know that no additional animals are in the attic.

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