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Raccoons In Your Attic - Thumping Noises Overhead?

Hearing heavy thumping sounds in your attic?  Almost like a person is walking around up there or a bowling ball moving across your attic floor?  You more than likely have a raccoon or two living up there.

When searching for a winter home, raccoons look for high, safe warm places to nest in.  Your attic with its soft, warm insulation makes the perfect nursery for a choosy mother raccoon.  Raccoons are extremely strong, and their sharp teeth and claws help them tear through your soffits, gable vents, roof vents, rotted wood and even right through your shingles to reach that perfect “raccoon apartment” at the top of your house!

Raccoon Family In Your Attic - Our Raccoon Inspection Process

Our technician will arrive at your home armed with ladders, a flashlight and a goal of finding out exactly what is causing all that ruckus in your attic and removing it.
First, he will ask you questions about signs of wildlife you have seen or heard, the time of day or night you have heard them, and even any recent remodeling or construction done on your home.  He will then inspect your attic.  If you do have raccoons, there are almost always telltale droppings.  He can also tell if these droppings were left by rats or squirrels as well.  The technician will document everything with photos which he will provide to you as part of your inspection.

How Do Raccoons Get Into Your Home? - The Outside Inspection

The technician will then inspect the outside of your home for entry points that raccoons will use to enter your home.  Sometimes it may be a hole in the underside of your soffit, your siding or even holes chewed right through your shingles.

We don’t just walk around your home for five minutes and give you a quick estimate asking for thousands of dollars.  Our technicians take their time and thoroughly inspect your entire home from foundation to roof line for entry points such as holes in your soffits, torn screening, rotted wood, unsealed ground vents, chewed gable vents, and holes in your roof.  The technician will take photos of all raccoon entry points he sees on the outside of your home as well.

Commercial Or Residential - We Can Help With Your Raccoon Problems

After taking photos of the entry points on the outside of your home, the technician will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report along with all the photos he took during the inspection.  This inspection report will list damaged areas of your home such as soiled insulation or damaged HVAC ducts.  This report will also list areas where the raccoons are entering your home, and recommendations for sealing these entry points.  He will take time to answer all your questions so that before he leaves, you will know exactly what needs to be done to solve your raccoon problem.

The technician will also provide a trapping estimate on the spot, and in most cases can set traps that very day.  So if you’re ready to get rid of these little freeloaders, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today.  We are here to help!

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We also perform wildlife trapping in Memphis TN for rats, mice, moles, 

skunks, squirrels, opossums, voles, armadillos and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

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